Who needs to upgrade to Employee Directory Pro WordPress plugin

Employee Directory Starter Edition offers quick and robust company directory solution for organizations needing a centralized location where their customers, partners and internal employees can go and search employee information. If there is more information needed, visitors can easily click on any employee profile page.

Employee Directory Pro expands the search functionality provided by the starter edition offering powerful yet easy to use interface designed for enterprise level customers. It offers industry leading features in addition to the robust code base which is updated regularly to meet best practices and modern web standards. We recommend Pro for all organizations with more than 50 employees.

Comparison of matching features

The following is the comparison of features currently available in the starter edition. Employee Directory Pro is an enterprise grade application with powerful features. Go to Pricing page to see all differences

Feature Starter Pro Note
Profile pages: https://employee-directory-com.emdplugins.com/employees/mila-kunis/ https://employee-directory.emdplugins.com/employees/mila-kunis/ Pro supports more fields.
Archive Pages https://employee-directory-com.emdplugins.com/employees https://employee-directory.emdplugins.com/employees Not implemented in Starter.
Term pages https://employee-directory-com.emdplugins.com/employment_type/fulltime/ https://employee-directory.emdplugins.com/employment_type/fulltime/ Not implemented in Starter.
Search Page https://employee-directory-com.emdplugins.com/employee-search/ https://employee-directory.emdplugins.com/employee-search/ Pro offers 4 different search forms with advanced grid search results.